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The Coastal Ct. ASHI Chapter has put together this page of important links to the home inspection industry and related fields. We hope that you will find it helpful.

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Connecticut State Licencing

Building Science & Resources



The Connecticut Dept of Health has developed the following link to answer your private water questions. Scroll down to Groundwater and Well Contamination and Private Wells and there is a wealth of information concerning wells and drinking water. The state will be constantly upgrading this page with additional information so be sure to check back periodically.

The national EPA has also developed a safe water site which is beneficial.




What is a SEPTIC SYSTEMS and what one should and should not due to maintain it.


Section X of the CONNECTICUT PUBLIC HEALTH CODE Regulations and Technical Standards ...

bans discharging water treatment equipment backwash into a septic.

Oils, greases, industrial/commercial wastes, toxic chemicals and wastewater that is not sewage, as defined in Public Health Code Section 19-13-B103b (a), shall not be discharged to a subsurface sewage disposal system. Discharges of wastewaters from water treatment systems (e.g., water softeners, iron or manganese removal filters) to surface waters, sanitary sewer systems, subsurface sewage disposal systems or to the ground surface are prohibited unless otherwise authorized by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) or the Commissioner of Public Health. On-site disposal of water treatment system wastewater via a separate/dedicated subsurface disposal system shall be in accordance with DEP guidance or General Permit. Dedicated water treatment wastewater disposal systems shall meet the minimum separation distances specified in Table No. 1.



Radon Protocols Reminder:

Coastal CT ASHI wants to remind you that we must perform radon test that strictly follow the EPA protocols or not testing at all. Remember that all the homes doors and windows in the house must be closed at least 12 hours before starting the test. That the device will be placed in the lowest "potential" living space and the home must remain closed for the 48 hours of the test. Tests that are performed with windows open or started with windows open will not meet the protocols and will invalidate the readings. Advise your clients that when circumstances are inappropriate or difficult testing should be done at a later date when the home can be closed. Maybe the home should not be testing if it is too hot and air conditioners are not available for the resident to seek relief. Let's remember that Radon mitigation typically cost around a thousand dollar and is not worth torturing residents in the middle of summer. We recommend using common sense when testing for Radon please follow the protocols.


The Connecticut Dept of public health has developed the following link to provide you with up-to-date information concerning radon in the air and water.

The Federal EPA has developed the following link to answer questions concerning radon.





The Connecticut Dept of public health has developed the following link to answer questions concerning mold.

The Federal EPA has developed the following link to help answer questions concerning mold.

The American Industrial Hygiene Association has developed the following link concerning mold.





New 2010 EPA Lead guidelines for renovations, repairs, and painting:

The Connecticut Dept of Public Health has developed the following link with information concerning lead.

The Federal EPA has developed the following link to answer questions about lead.