Why Choose a Coastal Connecticut Chapter ASHI Inspector?

State licensing for Home inspectors is the right first step but don’t short change your clients or yourself demand a Member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

Coastal Connecticut ASHI Inspectors have far out surpassed the State minimum requirements for licensing by passing an even tougher exam(the most rigorous in the industry) and have completed at least 250 inspections which were scrutinized by ASHI(150 more than State requirements).

Coastal Connecticut ASHI inspectors will also give your customers the kind of professional, personalized inspection that combines 28 years of the highest technical standards, strict adherence to a stringent code of ethics and the very best in customer service and education that you and your clients deserve.

Help your customers, and yourself, to get the very best there is in the Home Inspection industry demand a Coastal Connecticut ASHI Inspectors.

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Radon Protocols Reminder:

Coastal CT ASHI wants to remind you that we must perform radon test that strictly follow the EPA protocols or not testing at all. Remember that all the homes doors and windows in the house must be closed at least 12 hours before starting the test. That the device will be placed in the lowest “potential” living space and the home must remain closed for the 48 hours of the test. Tests that are performed with windows open or started with windows open will not meet the protocols and will invalidate the readings. Advise your clients that when circumstances are inappropriate or difficult testing should be done at a later date when the home can be closed. Maybe the home should not be testing if it is too hot and air conditioners are not available for the resident to seek relief. Let's remember that Radon mitigation typically cost around a thousand dollar and is not worth torturing residents in the middle of summer. We recommend using common sense when testing for Radon please follow the protocols.