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American Society of Home Inspectors

Coastal Connecticut Chapter

Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes    

American Society of Home Inspectors 

Coastal Connecticut Chapter 

Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes 

Meeting held:    December 19, 2002 @ Dave Leopold's home 

Attendees:        Dave Leopold, Paul Morris, Bill Horelick, Scott Peterman, Tom Saunders, Bill Hirsch, Chuck Loppacker, John Koch


The following was discussed:    

  1.        Dave reported that Chuck's seminar was approved for 2.0 CEU's. He also reported that Michelle Paradis' seminar was not approved for CEU's, and must be re-submitted with Dave as the presenter for it to be approved.


2.         Dave and Paul attended leadership day since the last board meeting. Dave presented the ASHI brochure, that the chapter should use for future mailings. This brochure helps promote the ASHI brand.


3.         Dave indicated that Jed Walker has reported to him that the web site has the capability of having a chapter chat room, and or can allow other formats which could include chat between our chapter and SNEC ASHI, or event the possibility of posting a reference page for specific known defects about specific properties. Dave hopes that we can have a live demonstration of our website at an upcoming monthly meeting.


4.         Dave explained that we need to encourage the chapter members to support the National Home Inspector Exam over the proposed Experior test as the State of Connecticut home inspector licensing exam. We must defend the test that has been proven by our industry. A simple way to do this is by accessing the ASHI national web site, go to the "legislative action center" and click on take action now. This will allow a member to send his letter or a prepared letter to all of the states legislators. It appears that this tool makes the job easy, so all members should be encouraged to take action.


5.         The balance of the meeting was spent discussing the annual seminar. Paul Morris has done a lot of legwork to prepare for the planning of the annual seminar. As education committee Chairman, Paul will also be responsible for the budget and overall coordination of the seminar.  Here are some of the items discussed:


           A.        We decided on the seminar being held on Saturday March 8 and Sunday March 9. The proposed location is the Sheraton in Danbury. The board agreed to authorize a commitment to this location and date pending final price negotiations to be done by Bill Hirsch over the next two weeks. A fire marshal's C of O will be required from the hotel for our use.


           B.         Paul and Chuck have agreed to arrange speakers for the seminar. It was agreed that Chuck will be reimbursed for expenses to interview prospective speakers as required to assure that their content will be relative to our needs. Paul indicated that Ron Passaro has been approved by the state to provide us with the Law seminar that is required for our licenses.


                       Topics included in out discussion of possible topics for the seminar included: solid fuel burning appliances, Modular homes, Vinyl siding, Roofing, Instrument instruction including moisture meters for detecting moisture and various gas detectors. There was also discussion of having a professional engineer's board discussing reasons to refer a structural engineer. Engineers for this panel included: Brad Mead, Chuck, Peter, Paul, and Jose Albane. Andy Kaznay has offered to do is plumbing seminar.


           Once the topics and speakers are arranged, Paul will submit the required papers to the stat for approval.


           C.        Paul was going to discuss with Bruce Schaefer the task of printing and mailing the seminar flyers. (In an error, Bruce was not invited to this session.)


           D.        Scott has agreed to contact vendors to support and attend the seminar. Paul provided Scott with a list of last years phone numbers and names.


           E.         Paul discussed printing a conference manual to be distributed to attendees. There will be further discussion on this as the plans develop.


           F.         Dave indicated that we already have the software to generate conference certificates.


6.        We decided to have the next meeting at Dave's house again on January 29th at 6:00pm.







Meeting held:                October 14, 2002, at the Peppermill Restaurant, 1600 E. Post Road, Westport


Attendees:                    Dave Leopold, Paul Morris, Kevin Morey, John Koch, Bill Hirsch, Bill Horelick, John Ross


The following was discussed:    


1.         In general discussion at the beginning of the meeting we discussed that we did not have enough full members in time to qualify for second CORE rep this year.


2.         The recent offers by YHD Foxton and determined that their offer for home inspector participation in their preferred program would probably be deemed unethical by ASHI national.


3.         Monitoring our chapter members, or ASHI members in general for participating in these "unethical" programs. We decided that we would not formally monitor this, but if it was determined that our chapter members were participating, the president would advise the member of the conflict. Action by the member would be expected.


            Further, we would not approach any state ethics concerns at this time.


4.         Having a holiday party or just a monthly meeting at the Harbor Arena or other type of facility. Dave Leopold and John Ross would look into this when they visit the arena.


5.         Kevin Morey made a financial report.


6.         Our current chapter roster has 42 paid members including candidates and affiliate members.


7.         John Ross will follow up on any possible errors with the member listing (there were 2-3 possible errors identified) with and will begin sending out the chapter marketing letter within 48 hours of the board meeting.


            A motion was made and approved to re-send the marketing letter quarterly, and to revisit this decision every 2 quarters.


8.         A motion was made to name Jed Walker the chapter's "Webmaster". The motion was unanimously approved.


9.         We agreed to have quarterly BOD meetings this year.


10.       Dave Leopold asked that the board of directors complete their job descriptions and binders as soon as possible as he requested in his letter.


11.       Kevin Morey advised the board that the chapter must become a "not for profit corp" per ASHI national.


12.       Dave Leopold asked that the Department of Consumer Protection information and the home inspector regulations be included in the chapters web site.


13.       Dave will begin writing a  quarterly presidents letter.


14.       Chuck Loppacker will discuss engineered lumber for the October meeting. Paul Morris will advise Jed so he can post this on the website.


15.       Dave spoke with Hurlburt at DCP to praise Michelle for her presentation at our meeting in September.


16.       We will have name tags at the next meeting. All members are asked to socialize in the meeting portion of the restraint rather than the bar. We did not determine when we will have the next business meeting.


17.       Dave and Paul will attend the leadership meeting in Chicago on October 24.



Coastal Connecticut ASHI Board Meeting Minutes Sept. 12July 10 2002 the Peppermill Restaurant

                                    1600 E. Post Rd. Westport, Ct.


Attendees:                    Bill Hirsch 

                                    Dave Leopold

                                    Paul Morris

                                    Jed Walker



The following was discussed:



1.                  Costs have been obtained for the Coastal ASHI letter to Fairfield County agents. The board authorized up a maximum of $1500 be spent on this project. The president elect's return address will be used on the envelopes. A list of all paid chapter members will be included with the letter. A list of approximately 600 agents has been prepared and labels have been printed. Cost of everything except envelopes with printed return address is approximately $1100. Bill Hirsch will get another price from his printer on 650 printed envelopes and letters. John Ross will find out who owns the "file" the printer creates to print these items to insure Coastal ASHI keeps the file and doesn't have to pay for the printer "set-up" charges if we send this letter out again.


2.                  Dave Leopold and Paul Morris will attend the ASHI  leadership conference in Chicago on October 25,2002. The chapter will pay for Dave and Paul's expenses. ASHI national reimburses Coastal ASHI  $300 towards these expenses.


3.                  Michelle Paradise from State of Connecticut Dept. of Consumer Protection will be the speaker at the Sept. 19th chapter meeting. Our state lobbyist will be contacted to be present at that meeting.


4.                  The chapter must present a pay conference on Connecticut Law before next July. Ron Passaro may be able to be the speaker but it could be a conflict of interest.


                                                                        Paul Morris - Secretary

                                                                                    Issued 9/18/02





Coastal Connecticut ASHI Board Meeting Minutes July 10 2002


Meeting held:    July 10, 2002 at the Peppermill Restaurant

                                    1600 E. Post Rd. Westport, Ct.


Attendees:                    Bill Hirsch 

                                    John Koch

                                    Dave Leopold

                                    Paul Morris

                                    Jed Walker



The following was discussed:


1.                  There will be an ASHI leadership conference in Chicago in the fall. The to be elected new chapter President and Vice President will be expected to attend. 


2.                  Bill Hirsch, as President, is going to nominate Jed Walker to ASHI national for the John E. Cox award. The award is for outstanding service to the chapter.


3.                  A letter from Jim Gallagher was read and considered. Jim suggested more socializing between the members and their families. Perhaps a picnic. This will be further considered. Jim also suggested advertising the chapter in local newspapers. The board feels this will be too expensive for the chapter.


4.                  The letter to the local agents about the chapter with a list of members must be issued. Bill Hirsch to follow and get final draft of letter and list of addresses.


5.                  The board suggests the nominating committee consider the following for chapter positions:


Dave Leopold  -           President

Paul Morris                  -           Vice President

John Koch                    -           Secretary


A treasurer and two other board members are still needed. The nominating committee consists of Peter Seirup and Jed Walker.


Paul Morris - Secretary   Issued 7/18/02





Coastal Connecticut ASHI Board Meeting Minutes May 8 2002

            Meeting held:    May 8, 2002 at Peppermill Restaurant

                                                1600 E. Post Rd. Westport, Ct.


            Attendees:                    Bill Hirsch

                                                Bill Horelick

                                                John Koch

                                                Dave Leopold

                                                Paul Morris

                                                Tom Saunders

                                                Jed Walker


                        The following was discussed:

1.                  Bill Hirsch received a letter from Jim Blonshine of SNEC ASHI

Expressing interest in having Coastal ASHI, SNEC ASHI and CAHI work together on items of mutual interest such as insurance, limits of liability, a state convention and a picnic. The board expressed interest in working with SNEC ASHI and CAHI on state legislative issues only but not with CAHI on any other issues. We will work with SNEC ASHI only on the other issues to further the interests of the chapter and ASHI in General.  The board is still unhappy that CAHI does not help support the cost of the legislative lobbyist that coastal and SNEC pay for.


2.                  John Ross prepared two sample letters promoting our chapter with a list of coastal members the chapter plans to send to local real estate offices. List will include members names, company names and phone numbers, listed alphabetically. Some issues to be resolved are: How often will this be sent? Laminate the list?

Mail to Fairfield County realtors only? Bill Horelick, Paul Morris and John Ross will do the work.


3.                  Jed Walker discussed the idea of having affiliates pay for advertising on the coastal website. There is no cost to the chapter to do this. How much should we charge? Advertisements cannot be very large. Jed will follow up with more specifics.


4.         We are investigating the idea of using the New England Management Association to run some of the chapter functions.

            We may be too small a group for this be cost effective.


5.      Dues invoices have been sent out. Some members Coastal ASHI dues are overdue. A member will be removed from our membership list and not allowed at the meetings if dues are more than 3 months overdue.


6.                  The idea of a coastal ethics committee was briefly discussed.



Respectfully submitted,


Paul Morris, Secretary



Coastal Connecticut ASHI Board Meeting Minutes 4/3/02


In attendance: Bill Hirsch, Bill Horelick, Jed Walker, Dave Leopold, John Oppenheimer (candidate committee chairman), John Koch (acting secretary)


1.                  Bill Hirsch will contact John Ross to discuss increasing membership.

2.                  After reviewing the cost of bulk mailing, it was determined not to be cost effective.

3.                  A motion to incorporate the chapter was introduced and passed.

4.                  Bill Hirsch indicated that Directors and Officers insurance has been provided by national ASHI effective 2/8/02.

5.                  We discussed affiliate members advertising on the chapter web site. Jed will inquire of the costs and different ways to have affiliates advertise.

6.                  We discussed out-sourcing administrative services, mailing, etc. Jed will contact New England ASHI to see how they handle administrative tasks.

7.                  We discussed posting the chapter bylaws on the web site. We agreed to post the bylaws on the members area of the chapters web site.

8.                  A motion to allow the candidate committee chairman attend the BOD meetings was introduced. It was decided that an agenda of BOD meetings would be delivered by Bill Hirsch to John Oppenheimer prior to BOD meetings. John would request input from the candidate committee, and would by invited to the BOD meetings if any contributions were expected from the candidate committee. It was agreed that this procedure would be followed for the next three months as a trial.

9.                  John Oppenheimer will try to form a "message" to the candidates of the reason to become members.



Coastal Connecticut ASHI Board Meeting Minutes             2/6/02


Attendees:                    Ira Chernes

Bill Horelick

                                    Bill Hirsch

                                    John Koch

                                    Tom Saunders

                                    Paul Morris

                                    Jed Walker



The following was discussed:



1.                    Board of Directors meetings will be posted on the chapter website.


2.                    Standard Oil has sent an E-mail to Bill Hirsch refuting the discussion about them that took place at the last ASHI chapter meeting. A copy of  Standard Oil's E-mail will be put on our web page and a copy sent to Steve Gladstone and John Ghent.


3.                    Currently, we have no speaker for our February meeting. Ira Chernes and Dave Leopold will try to get a speaker.


4.                    Bill Hirsch is working with Gil Cormier to present a 2 day mold course to the membership which includes some field work. Bill would like to have CAHI participate in this course and present it soon.


5.                    Tom Saunders investigated printing an ASHI brochure The printer has said it will cost too much. It was decided to prepare our own letter and use bulk mail. John Koch will check bulk mail rates and procedures. We hope to send this mailing to all realtors from the Connecticut River to the NY State border.


6.                    Our chapter must be incorporated per ASHI bylaws. Tom Saunders to investigate what's required to incorporate.


7.                    Some people coming to meetings have not paid chapter dues. Tom Saunders will send Paul Morris list for crosschecking versus attendance. Bill Hirsch will remind members about policy on this at meetings.


8.                    We have 33 members including 1 candidate. This entitles our chapter to one core representative. We need 36 full members to get a second core representative.


9.                    The idea of advertising for pay on our Webster was discussed. No conclusions were reached.


10.                 Bill Hirsch told us that CAHI mailed invitations to 350-400 inspectors and 70 showed up at their last meeting. We should send out a mailing to try and increase our membership.


11.                Dave Leopard has volunteered to make sure our meeting speakers are approved by the State so we can get CEU's.


                                                            Minutes prepared by Paul Morris- Secretary


Coastal Connecticut ASHI Board Meeting Minutes   10/9/01


Attendees:                    Ira Chernes

Bill Horelick

Bill Hirsch

John Koch

Dave Leopold

Paul Morris


The following was discussed:


1.             Financial reports (attached) were presented. Financially the chapter is in good shape.


2.             Next chapter meeting is Oct. 17,2001.


3.             Dave Leopold will chair the education committee.

Seminar ideas:  














1.         The name of this professional society chapter shall be the COASTAL CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF HOME INSPECTORS.


2.         The Chapter shall be a voluntary, not-for-profit subdivision of the Society.

3.         The functions of the chapter shall support ASHI and include the following:


            a.         To act as an agency, through which home inspection companies and home inspectors may engage in cooperative research and educational activities, having as their objective the improvement of home inspection activities.


            b.         To establish and maintain a professional code of ethics which recognizes the responsibilities of the home inspector to the public and the profession.


        c.       To encourage the professional training of youth to continue and sustain the profession.


            d.         To establish and periodically revise recommended technical standards of practice.


            e.         To conduct appropriate research, technical projects and programs and issue technical reports.


            f.          To provide an instrument by which the professional and technical interests of the inspection profession can be properly served.


                        g.             To promote cooperation and better understanding between the members and others in the field.


            h.         To promote ASHI to the public.






1                    The members of the chapter shall perform inspections of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Real properties and prepare written reports on their condition.


2.                  Members of the chapter shall not repair any condition found during inspections and shall not endorse or recommend individuals or businesses for repair work.


3.                     The members of the chapter shall be required to successfully complete and obtain and maintain membership in the ASHI as a requirement of continued chapter membership.


New:    Members of the coastal chapter must be members or candidates of ASHI national.


4.                  All chapter members shall have the privilege of voting.  Only chapter members that have an active membership in the ASHI shall be eligible to hold office.


New:    All chapter members will have the privilege of voting on chapter business and only ASHI national members will have the right to vote on national matters.


New:    All chapter members in good standing can serve on and chair chapter committees.


New:    Affiliates: Affiliates of the Coastal chapter are individuals or companies providing products and/or services to the home inspection profession.  Affiliates shall meet the requirements set forth by the board and shall be entitled to such rights and privileges.  Affiliates will not be allowed to vote.


New:    Friends: Friends of the Coastal chapter are individuals who are not eligible to be members, Candidates, or Affiliates and have performed distinguished service to the inspection profession and who are nominated by the board.  Friends do not pay dues and do not vote. 


New:    ASHI Associate Membership:  ASHI associate members are ASHI national members and candidates that are nationally registered members of a different other regional chapter and would like to partake in Coastal ASHI meetings and functions without having chapter voting privileges.  These ASHI members and candidates will have an annual dues of forty percent of the annual Coastal dues.


5.         Chapter members are subject to the rules, regulations, bylaws, and standards of practice and codes of ethics established by the ASHI.  Punitive actions for violations of the ASHI codes shall be handled by the ASHI and any punitive measures shall be duplicated in the chapter.


6.         A member who has resigned may apply for reinstatement.  Procedures and requirements for the Board of Directors shall determine such reinstatement on a case by case basis as submitted and recommended by the Committee on Memberships.


7.               No member shall be actively engaged in business as a broker or a salesperson in the sale, purchase, or listing of Real Estate to third parties.  This prohibition shall not apply to retired or honorary members, or to Friends of the Society.







1        Dues for membership shall be an amount as established from time to time by the Board of Directors.


2        Dues for one year in advance shall be payable to the Treasurer by May 1st of the calendar.


3        a) Dues notice will be in the April issue of the Coastal Newsletter, including amount due and to whom to pay.


5        b) A "No Pay" individual notice mailed to delinquents immediately after the June meeting.


6        c) Delinquents after the July meeting will be dropped at that point.


7        d) Special payment terms can be made with the Board, privately, individually, and for that year.


8        Individual members who have been dropped from membership for nonpayment of dues may be reinstated as determined by the Board of Directors.









1                    The officers of this chapter shall be a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

New:                Only chapter members that are members of ASHI national can serve as officers.


2.         The officers of the chapter shall perform the duties normally performed by such officers, together with such duties as shall be prescribed by the Bylaws and the Board of Directors.


3.         All officers shall be elected prior to the annual meeting.  Their terms shall commence at the adjournment of the meeting.


4.         No officer shall be elected to the same office for more than two successive terms.


5.         No officer or director shall, by reason of his office, be entitled to receive any salary or compensation for the performance of duties other than as officer or director, and may receive reimbursement for expenses as defined by the Board of Directors.







1          The president shall be Chairman of the Board of Directors and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Committee for Nominations.


2.         In the absence of the President, the vice-president shall assume the duties of the President.  He shall also assume such other duties as are assigned to him by the Board of Directors.  In the event of a vacancy occurring in the office of the president, the Vice President shall serve as President until the adjournment of the next annual meeting or until a successor is selected.


3.         The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the chapter and the Board of Directors.  He shall also preserve all papers, letters, and transactions of the Chapter; and have custody of the Chapter seal (if any).  He shall deliver to his successor within one month after the annual meeting all Chapter property in his possession.


3.                  The Treasurer shall collect, receive and have charge of all funds of the Chapter; shall deposit such funds in a bank designated by the Board of Directors; and shall provide for the expenditure of such funds.  Either the President or the Treasurer may sign checks for the disbursement of Chapter funds.


            The Treasurer shall report to the Board of Directors the financial standing of the Chapter whenever requested to do so and make a full report to the Chapter at each annual meeting.


5.         The retiring Treasurer shall, within one month after the close of the annual meeting, deliver to the Treasurer all money, vouchers, books, and papers of the Chapter in his custody, with a summary report covering his term in office.


6.         Officers or Directors who fail to attend three consecutive meetings may be removed from their offices by the membership upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors.







1          The Chapter shall have a Board of Directors consisting of the President, vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, the immediate past President and the Directors.

2.         The Board of Directors shall hold at least one annual meeting.


3.         Other meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the President on fifteen (15) days notice to each Director and shall be called by the President in like manner on notice

by the written request of not less than 25 percent of the Board. Special meetings shall be held at such times and places as shall be specified.






The Board of Directors shall:


a.         Establish administrative policies governing the affairs of the chapter and devise measures for the Chapter growth and development.


b.         Provide for the proper care of material, equipment, and funds of the Chapter for the payment of legitimate expenses.


c.         Approve the President's appointments to committees.


d.         Have the power to fill any vacancies on the Board of Directors excepting vacancies occurring in the office of the President or Vice President.


e.         Decide upon the exact date and place for holding the annual meeting and provide for the payment for a place of meeting when necessary; hold meetings of the Board of Directors as herein before provided.


2.         The Board of Directors shall construct and maintain a Coastal-ASHI Policy book, the purpose of this book being to delineate HOW the Chapter Membership and its Officers shall implement the by-laws.


a)         Items of Policy shall be constructed at quorum meetings of the Board of Directors to correlate with specific by-law Articles, and shall be recorded by the Secretary and identified as "Policy for Article - - Section - -".


b)         The Secretary shall publish these items of Policy in the next edition of the Coastal-News letter.  The secretary shall maintain the official Policy Book.

            1.         All policy shall be subject to the will of a quorum membership meeting.

            2.         Revisions shall be published by the Secretary in the following Coastal-News letter.

            3.         Any member preserving all of these published items of Policy, shall be in possession of a complete Policy Book.


c)                  The Secretary shall publish - in about six months - as a special edition of the Coastal-News letter - the initial policy book based on a unilateral study of the minutes of the past three years of monthly chapter meetings.  This Article VII-2-c shall be deleted from the by-laws upon the publishing of this initial Policy Book, and upon acceptance of it by the membership.


d)         The by-laws Committee shall immediately scour the present By-laws and create Policy to replace the methodology material currently in the By-Lam

            1.         The Policy will be submitted to the Board for processing.

            2.         The thus revised by-laws will be processed per Article XIV.

            3.         This Article VII-2-d shall be deleted from the by-laws upon acceptance of the Policy and the by-law revision.


e)         The by-laws Committee shall, upon the issue of the initial Policy Book (VII-2-c), scour the by-laws, and submit a housekeeping By Laws amendment to repair the by-laws in the event that the Policy Book investigation discovers any anomalies exist.  This Article VI-2-e shall be deleted from the by-laws upon the approval of such an amendment or upon declaration by the bylaws Committee that no amendment is required.






1.         Committees, except as noted, shall assume such duties as are specified in these Bylaws and other duties as may be assigned by the Chapter Board of Directors.


2.         The chairman of each committee shall maintain a liaison with the respective National Committee as appropriate.


3.         The following committees shall be appointed by the President at or immediately following each annual meeting (or as appropriate) as follows:


a)         Nominating.


            At least three months prior to the election, the acting President & Past Presidents shall be appointed to be the Nominating Committee for the purpose of nominating candidates for the election to be held at the annual business meeting.  The president have at their discretion the option of appointing other members to the committee to assist them.


b)         Membership (a standing committee).


            The Committee on Membership shall consist of senior members, shall consider all applications for membership and shall present such applications with recommendation to the Chapter Board of Directors.


            For those candidates thus approved to a provisional Chapter membership, the Committee shall monitor a timely sequence of events leading to a Society Membership, and the parallel Chapter Membership.  Problems and exceptions in this process shall be referred to the Board for resolution.


c)         Education (a standing committee).


            The Committee on Education shall establish and operate a continuing-education program for the members.


d)         Bylaws (a standing committee).


            The Committee on Bylaws shall review all proposed amendments to the Bylaws and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.


e)         Public Relations (a standing committee).


            The Committee on Public Relations shall develop a public relations program for the benefit of all of the members.


4.         The Board of Directors, from time to time, may direct the President to establish such committees as it deems necessary, and, subject to its supervision, these committees shall make studies and advise the Board in any field in which it may require such material.


5.                  The Board of Directors may direct the President to terminate any casual committee when it is appropriate to do so.










1.         A President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and two Directors shall be elected annually to serve for one year for officers and two years for directors or until their successors are elected.


2.         Elections shall be carried out by members voting by ballot as hereinafter provided.


3.         A plurality vote shall constitute an election.  In the case of a tie, the choice shall be by lot.


4.         Polls shall be open for such a period of time as shall be specified in advance by the Board of Directors.


5.         Ballots shall allow a space for write in candidates for each elected position.


6.         Ballots shall be returned to the Chapter in individual sealed envelopes with the voter's signature on the envelope.


7.         The Nominating Committee shall tabulate all ballots and shall notify the Chapter Board of Directors of the results.


8.         A member may have his name printed on the ballot for one office by submitting a petition to the Nominating Committee with the signatures of 10 percent of the Chapter members.







1          The Chapter shall hold an annual meeting. The time and place of the annual meeting shall be designated by the Board of Directors and announced by mail at least two weeks prior to such meeting.


2.                  Special meetings of the Chapter may be called by the Board of Directors and shall be called by the President upon the written request of 25 percent or more of the members.  The time and place of any special meeting shall be designated by the Chapter Board of directors.  Official notice of a special meeting shall be mailed to the individual members of the Chapter at least two weeks prior to the meeting.  The time, place, and purpose of the meeting stated in the official notice


3.         The order of business at each annual meeting shall be fixed at the beginning of the meeting and shall include:


            a.         Address of the President.


            b.         Reports of the Board of Directors.


            c.         Reports of officers.


            d.         Reports of committees.


            e.         Installation of officers and directors.


            f.          Miscellaneous business.




1          At least 25 percent of the membership shall constitute a quorum at any regular or special meeting of the Chapter, provided that the quorum includes the President or the Vice President and two other officers or directors.


2.         A majority of the Board members shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Board of Directors provided that the President or the Vice President is part of that quorum.


3.         A majority of the members of any standing or special committee shall constitute a quorum.






1.                  The fiscal year shall be the calendar year.







1.         The rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order shall govern meetings of the Chapter in all cases to which they apply and in which they are not inconsistent with these Bylaws.




1.         These Bylaws may be amended at any Chapter membership meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members present. The Committee on Bylaws shall see that all proposed amendments with the Committees recommendations shall be submitted to the Secretary for a reading at least one meeting prior to the voting meeting and shall be appended to the call for the meeting scheduled for the vote. This call shall be mailed at least 15 days prior to such meeting.


2.         An amendment may be proposed by a petition signed by 10 percent of the Chapter membership.







1          Those members who work for the Chapter to defend it in legal matters may be compensated for their expenses as determined by the Board of Directors and on a case by case basis.


2.                  The Chapter may purchase and maintain appropriate insurance in this regard as determined by the Board of Directors.